We love working with Brides-to-be, helping to ensure that they look stunning, and feel confident and relaxed on the wedding day. Whether you need a top-to-toe overhaul with makeup and hair trials, or an elegant up-do on the day, don’t get married without the Lavand teams by your side!                                   

 WEDDING CONSULTATION                                                   COMPLIMANTRY                    
Come for a chat and a run through of everything you could possibly want to look and feel gorgeous on your wedding day. Walk-in service.

 HAIR TRIAL                                                                       $60.00+
 MAKEUP TRIAL                                                                   $60.00
Bridal hair and makeup needs a trial in the salon about eight weeks before your wedding. The more ideas, magazine pages and photos you can bring for inspiration, the better the result!

 WEDDING DAY HAIR                                                             $200.00
 WEDDING DAY MAKEUP                                                         $150.00   and up                    

 GROOM GROOM                                                                     $50.00
 A pampering treat for your husband-to-be including a haircut, neck shaving and  neat eyebrow cleaning.