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Our creative team will carry out a thorough consultation with you to assess your hair texture and condition, face shape and skin tone before designing a bespoke style to suit you and your everyday needs. Styling services include a luxury shampoo and condition followed by a blow dry and advice on home care. We specialist in styling for special events and parties too- book a consultation in advance, or alternatively pop in for a quick up-do on the day of the party.



Salon Lavand expert color technicians will carry out in-depth consultations free of charge to discuss skin tone, color changes and the most innovative techniques to bring out the subtle nuances in shade. Whether you want something dramatic and bold, or classic, youthful color, our team are here to advise on all aspects of hair colouring.





From the French word for “to sweep”- this technique originated in Paris in the 1970s, and creates a natural highlighted look which is less regimented than traditional highlights, allowing the stylist greater creative freedom. Popular amongst actresses and models, hair colored by Balayage creates random highlights painted on by hand in a sweeping motion from the root to the tip of the hair which means they grow out without developing a discernable dark root. At the base, color is applied very lightly, while the tips are heavier resulting is a chunky highlight which mimics the natural effects of sun Lavand hair professionals are now offering Balayage in salon due to popular demand.



If you If you would like a dramatic transformation (such as blonde to brunette or unwanted color and tone removal) please ask for a complimentary consultation and quotation.

Add volume and body to fine hair or completely change your look with bouncing, tumbling curls. Please ask for a complimentary consultation to ensure that your hair is suitable for perming. Please note that all color and perming services do not include a blow dry.


Transform your lacklustre hair into lustrous glossy locks by booking one of our luxurious treatments before your styling service. Our team of professional hair stylists will identify your hair type, and prescribe the treatment that will work best with your individual needs to re-nutrify, smoothen, boost and enhance your tresses; regardless of the prior condition. If you are in need of a quick lift, or a serious rehabilitating treat post holiday - allow the Salon lavand hair experts to solve your hair problems for good.

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