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Achieve salon beautiful hair at home after the Salon Lavand professionals teach you how to cope with everyday hair hassles. After an initial consultation, your assistant will shampoo and deep condition your hair before discussing with

you what you would consider to be your perfect style. Your stylist will teach you how to use the products and tools

you need to perform a flawless salon style, which you can subsequently practice at home. You will acquire basic salon skills such as dividing your hair into sections, co-ordinating between brushes, clips and a hairdryer plus professional

grade techniques like-

  • How to straighten you hair.
  • How to create curls and flicks using your irons.
  • How to build body and bounce.
  • How to work with hot/Velcro rollers.
  • How to blow dry your hair smooth and beautifully sleek.

Most importantly you will learn how to enjoy a good hair day, every day! Your assistant will work with you to style one half of your hair, and then with a little guidance you will complete the other half - proving that you can re-create the desired effect at home.

Why not invite a friend and take the class together? We can usually accommodate up to a party of five.

Learn how to apply a beautifully polished daily makeup regime, with the guidance of a professional makeup artist to guide you through the techniques required to achieve a flawless face. Includes bespoke color, and advice on professional grade skills. Bookings for groups are available upon request.

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